WRT takes a chance with a couple of young guys this season. The Audi team has added an R8 LMS ultra for 17-year-old Max Koebolt, 23-year-old Pieter Schothorst and 26-year-old Porsche Carrera Cup France graduate Sacha Bottemanne. The trio had their Blancpain GT baptism of fire in the season opening race at Monza last weekend.

Starting from pit lane, Koebolt took the green in last position, only to catch up to the back of the field moments later as the safety car entered the track.

“It was a bit chaotic with the safety car,” the Dutchman said after the race. “The field remained stretched out, so there was still a lot of distance between me and the other Pro-Am drivers. That was a bit disappointing.

“We managed to do some nice lap times: we were consistent, and it actually went perfect. All three of us were competitive. So overall I’m very satisfied.”

There was, however, a minor discomfort during the three hour long race.

“I put the car in the wall during qualifying,” Koebolt admits. “So there was a lot of dust in the ventilator causing it to get a bit warm inside the car and for me to get sand in my face. It did get warm, but that wasn’t really a problem.”

Going into the weekend, the 2014 Supercar Challenge GTB champion’s main task was to gain experience with the car and the racing.

“I have learned very much. I have gained experience with the car and with the field. Blancpain GT is just very competitive, but that is fun: it’s a real challenge.”


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