Once upon a time, a rocky mountain overlooking the grand city of Barcelona was home to a twisty race track. Through the years, Montjuïc became a popular yet dangerous scene of spectacular races. Racing there started in 1932, when civil war was on the horizon. Decades later, long after the fall of the republic, Formula One hosted the Spanish Grand Prix in Montjuïc for the first time in 1969. To all that came an end just six years later, when five spectators were killed in a tragic accident which halted the race and the future of the park as a race track. Racing in Catalunya continued, but it was never on race tracks more scenic than the mountain course.

To remember all the heroics performed in the park, a get-together of old racing cars is held each year at the new home of Catalan motorsports: Circuit de Catalunya in Montmeló on the outskirts of the Barcelona metropolitan area. With sports cars of days gone by revving it up for some old school racing, we couldn’t miss out on this opportunity to photograph the Espíritu de Montjuïc.

Photos by Sebastià Galbany.


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