There was no rest for Yannick Fübrich as he was trying his hardest to win the VLN championship. Anything less than winning the race would put his title aspirations in jeopardy, so everything had to move for the golden #650 Pixum Team Adrenalin Motorsport BMW M240i Racing Cup. At the end of four hours of close quarters fighting in the CUP5 class, Fübrich could breathe again: Co-driver David Griessner took the chequered flag victoriously.


“It’s absolutely crazy,” Yannick Fübrich said. “The words fail me to describe what we’ve achieved here, what we just became: We’re VLN champions! I have no words for it, I don’t know what to say!”

Yannick Fübrich

Fübrich rocketed through the colourful autumn Eifel with the lead changing hands countless times between the BMWs of Adrenalin Motorsport, Sorg Rennsport and Team Scheid-Honert Motorsport.

“This was my toughest race this year,” the 27-year-old continues. “Mentally, every car that came close was a potential danger, and the competition today was extremely strong. During my two stints I was constantly fighting. It’s how you want a race to be, but rather not the last one of the season! It was so hard, so extremely hard.

“I think it must’ve been ten changes for the lead. It’s stressful. When you’re being overtaken, when I’m overtaking, it’s every time a critical moment where you wonder if your competitor is playing along. If they don’t you both lose. Obviously, it’s a critical moment but it’s also how racing is supposed to be and how we like it.

Yannick Fübrich

“The pressure was there beforehand. Everything goes through your mind; it drives you crazy. What can happen where? But as soon as you get into the car you forget all about it. All that matters is that very moment. Sure, it’s in your head that you must win, but that’s what we’ve been doing all season long anyway. It came down to doing everything the same as always: The same strategy, the same pace, and I think we let it play out well.”

In the interclass battle for the VLN title Fübrich and Griessner were going up against their teammates Christopher Rink, Philipp Leisen and Danny Brink in the V4 class #1 BMW 325i as well as a handful of other drivers. Still, there was no rivalry within the team.

“There was no fight within the team. Naturally, everyone tried to do the best for their own, and on the track they’re our competitors. This year we were more consistent, and it went our way. Last year it was close, and it went their way, so I think we’re even now!”

Yannick Fübrich

An avid endurance kart racer, Fübrich goes back to karting to spend his winter, while waiting for plans for 2020 to unfold.

“I have nothing yet what I’ll be doing next year. I’m sure we’ll start talking soon, but I have no idea.

“I’ll be driving some karts here and there during the winter, some 6 and 24-hour races, otherwise I get bored quickly!”

Yannick Fübrich


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