After just two years at the Nürburgring, Kuba Giermaziak has revealed himself to be one of the VLN Nürburgring Endurance Series’ (NLS) best. Having picked up his third win of the year in NLS8, the Pole leads the Speed Trophy with the #16 Scherer Sport Team Phoenix Audi R8 LMS GT3.


The Pagid Racing 46. DMV Münsterlandpokal saw Giermaziak team up with Kelvin van der Linde for the first time. Getting in the car halfway through the race, the gap to second place was already big enough for the 32-year-old to maintain his position until the chequered flag.

“Obviously, it feels good but today that was probably the easiest win I had,” Kuba Giermaziak summarises.

“Kelvin did such an amazing job. I got the car with almost one minute of lead so it was about keeping it on the track. Again, it was flawless, the car was greatly prepared.

“I’m not saying it was easy but for sure it was much easier. Getting into the car with one hour fifty to go and having such a big gap, you just really need to stay focussed and bring it home.”

Following victories with René Rast in NLS4 and then Kim Luis Schramm and Luca Engstler last time around, it was now time for Kelvin van der Linde to take his maiden NLS win alongside Giermaziak.

“I told him already because René Rast came, he hadn’t won before he won with me, Kelvin didn’t have a win, so he came and won with me. So, I said all the factory drivers are invited to come and win an NLS race if they want! But this is just joking – to have such an amazing co-driver is nice and you can learn from each other so it’s a big pleasure for me.

“Even after the race I got some tips on the ABS settings. I mean, he’s a factory driver, he knows the car left, right and centre and I will never have so much experience in an Audi. I’m only racing here, and you know I don’t have so much knowledge as the factory drivers especially about the settings and how to set up the car. He has much more information and we could use it.”

Always quick enough to leave an impression and with wins to boot, what is it that makes him go so fast around the Nordschleife?

“First of all, I really like it and from my experience since I started racing when I was eight, you are always fast on tracks which you like. If I compared those tracks to something I raced before, this is the closest thing to Monte Carlo and I always like Monte Carlo because I had a chance to win there in Porsche Supercup. I said, I can’t race in Monaco anymore because I’m not racing Supercup but this is the closest thing, it’s really special.

“It’s not so much as about raw pace like on a normal Grand Prix circuit like Spa for example, here it is more about experience, knowledge, having the right set up, not having the fastest car but having the most balanced car for the stint so here my experience pays off. I don’t think I could fight with the same guys on a normal Grand Prix circuit because I think I’m lacking this pace. But here it’s completely different and especially I have a little bit of an edge over someone who is not racing here every time because I’m doing every NLS race. I’m only doing NLS so I have a lot experience with the car and with the track. If someone is here every three or four months, they need to get into the rhythm, it’s not so easy especially with mixed conditions so this gives me some advantage for sure.”

One more race remains – the rescheduled NLS2 – before the season is over. After the successful 2022, Giermaziak is looking to return next year.

“What we do next season I really don’t know, I would like to have the same programme, so NLS full season, Quali Race and the 24 Hours, but we see what will happen with the world and how well the budget adapts to each other. I will know more probably at the end of this year.”


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