Amidst torrential rain and treacherous conditions, Australian endurance star Matt Campbell clinched his second Repco Bathurst 12-hour victory at Mount Panorama, marking another milestone in his illustrious career. The grueling race, held on February 18, 2024, saw Campbell, alongside co-drivers Laurens Vanthoor and Ayhancan Guven, steer their #912 Porsche 911 GT3 R to victory, overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.


French driver Jules Gounon, accompanied by Mercedes co-drivers Luca Stolz and Kenny Habul, came tantalizingly close to securing an unprecedented fourth consecutive win at Bathurst. Despite a valiant effort, Gounon fell just short of the elusive victory, finishing second after a tense showdown in the race’s dying moments.

The race, which witnessed 275 laps around the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit, was a test of skill and endurance for the drivers as they battled not just each other but also the elements. Campbell’s victory comes just weeks after his triumph at the 24 Hours of Daytona, showcasing his prowess on the international racing stage.

Matt campbell manthey porsche bathurst 12 hours 2024 win

“It was awesome,” exclaimed Campbell, reflecting on the win amidst challenging weather conditions. “Second win here. A tough day, the weather, everything like that.”

The victory not only solidifies Campbell’s status as an endurance racing great but also marks the first Bathurst win for both Vanthoor and Guven, adding another layer of significance to their achievement.

The race was not without its drama, with multiple red-flag interruptions due to heavy rain and poor visibility, adding to the intensity of the competition. Despite facing two drive-through penalties, Campbell and his team maintained their composure, ultimately securing victory by a narrow margin of 3.4 seconds ahead of their closest competitors, the #77 Mercedes-AMG GT3 team.

Matt campbell manthey porsche bathurst 12 hours 2024 win

Campbell’s success underscores his exceptional talent and adaptability, as he navigated the challenging conditions with precision and determination. His performance in the rain-impacted hours of the race proved pivotal, showcasing his ability to excel even in the most adverse circumstances.

The Bathurst 12-hour victory adds another chapter to Campbell’s remarkable career, which includes triumphs at prestigious events such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Daytona 24 Hours. As he continues to shine on the global stage, Campbell’s legacy in endurance racing is firmly cemented.

Elsewhere in the field, the 2024 Bathurst 12 Hours delivered a thrilling spectacle of endurance racing at the iconic Mount Panorama Circuit in Australia. While Australian star Matt Campbell clinched victory with a remarkable performance alongside co-drivers Laurens Vanthoor and Ayhancan Guven, it was the fierce battle for the remaining podium spots that truly captivated spectators.

It was a frustrating return to the 12-hour for Team WRT who, despite Sheldon van der Linde securing a solid pole position for car #32, the 12-hour battle proved to be challenging for the Belgian squad. The race started well with the pole-sitting #32 leading the first part of the race and both cars running in the top five in the first third of the race.

However, an unfortunate collision involving a lapped car saw Charles Weerts in the #32 riding the guard rail at The Cutting which led to the retirement of the car on the 5th hour. Car #46 fwith Maxime Martin, Valentino Rossi and Rafaelle Marciello fought hard throughout the race, aiming for a podium finish until the very last minutes of the race, but had to settle for 5th after a tough battle including a last minute challenge for P3 from Martin after a mistake from Gounon saw the pack close in on the second placed car through The Chase. Christopher Haase was the main beneficiary from the chaos jumping from P5 to P3  before Jaxon Evans in the #13 Porsche retook the position at the bottom of the mountain.

Jules Gounon, renowned for his skill and tenacity, demonstrated remarkable composure as he navigated the challenging conditions and fierce competition. Gounon’s pursuit of a historic fourth win kept fans on the edge of their seats until the very end, highlighting the intensity and drama of endurance racing at its finest.

In a testament to Gounon’s resilience, he managed to fend off a charging Jaxon Evans, whose bold maneuver at The Chase added another layer of excitement to the race. Despite the pressure, Gounon maintained his position, securing a third straight podium for the SunEnergy1 Racing team.

The battle for the remaining podium spots was equally fierce, with Audi’s Liam Talbot, Kelvin van der Linde, and Christopher Haase ultimately claiming third place, rounding out a podium filled with talent and determination.

While Gounon may have narrowly missed out on etching his name in Bathurst history, his performance served as a testament to his skill and determination on the track. With the racing season still young, Gounon and his team remain formidable contenders as they set their sights on future victories.


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