The 81st Goodwood Members’ Meeting, took place over the weekend of Saturday, April 13, and Sunday, April 14, 2024, and was a spectacular event showcasing historic racing cars and motorcycles at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in Great Britain. Here are some highlights from this thrilling weekend:

Can-Am Showcase: The Can-Am monsters stole the show during Day 1 of the event. These powerful machines descended upon Goodwood, providing one of the most barbaric demonstrations ever witnessed. Fans were treated to heart-pounding moments as these beasts roared around the circuit1.

Sidecar Shootout: Making its debut on the Motor Circuit, the Sidecar Shootout featured modern racing sidecars. Up to eight pairs of these high-speed machines, similar to those seen in world championships, battled head-to-head. The climax was the first-ever Sidecar Shootout, where the four fastest pairs competed for ultimate glory on Sunday2.

W Series Champion’s Debut: Current Indy NXT driver and three-time W Series champion, Jamie Chadwick, made her Goodwood racing debut at the 81st Members’ Meeting. Her participation added excitement to the already action-packed weekend2.

Mighty Mustangs: To celebrate 60 years since the launch of the Ford Mustang, up to 30 Pony Cars raced for 45 minutes on the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit. Top drivers from the world of F1 and sportscars took the wheel in this thrilling challenge

Hailwood Trophy: This race showcased pre-1984 250cc and 350cc Grand Prix motorcycles alongside pre-1973 Formula 750 motorcycles. Split into two parts, the bike race saw a twin challenge for these historic machines. Winners were determined by an aggregate of the races held on both Saturday and Sunday. Expect to see iconic bikes like the Yamaha TZ350G, Honda CB750, and Ducati 750S on the grid1.

S.F. Edge Trophy: Edwardian racing cars and aero-engined specials from the early 20th century graced the track. These incredible pre-war machines raced twice over the weekend in two exciting five-lap sprints. Returning stars included the Sunbeam Indianapolis, Darracq 200hp, and the legendary “Beast of Turin” – the Fiat S761.

Gordon Spice Trophy: Group 1 touring cars that raced between 1970 and 1982 competed in this Blue Riband event. Fords Capri, Mustang, and Escort, Chevrolet Camaro Z28, Rover SD1, and even the Mini 1275GT were among the contenders. The format included two qualifying heats on Saturday and a final race on Sunday, with a thrilling 45-minute race including a driver change mid-event1.

The V8s were dominant as the Group 1 touring cars took to the Motor Circuit for their 45-minute race under the Saturday evening sunset. It was a tight battle between the top five as they remained in close formation throughout, although it was the Boss Mustangs that prevailed ahead of the Camaros. The team of Craig Davies and four-time BTCC champion Ash Sutton took an impressive victory ahead of Timo Bernhard and Fred Shepherd.

Derek Bell Cup: These 1,000cc Formula 3 cars, built between 1964 and 1970, featured high-revving engines positioned behind the driver. Resembling miniature F1 cars of their era, these machines launched the careers of drivers like Derek Bell himself



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