Oulton Park played host to a thrilling weekend of GT Cup Championship action as Team Abba Racing extended their dominance and Steve Burgess made a triumphant return in the Radical RXC. Amidst a series of captivating races and unexpected turns, drivers showcased exceptional skill and determination, leaving fans and teams eagerly anticipating the rest of the season.

Team Abba Racing Continues Dominance

Team Abba Racing, known for their relentless pursuit of victory, notched their sixth consecutive win, solidifying their position as a formidable force in the championship. However, their weekend wasn’t without challenges. Richard Neary and Ian Loggie faced a significant setback when a fault was detected in their Mercedes-AMG GT3 during Friday’s testing. Demonstrating remarkable dedication, the team worked tirelessly until 2am to replace the engine, ensuring they were race-ready.

Their efforts paid off as Neary, displaying his prowess in mixed weather conditions, lit up the timing screens during qualifying. Alongside Loggie, he stormed to victory in the first race, cementing their reputation as a team to beat. Yet, the pursuit of a seventh win was thwarted by a tenacious Steve Burgess, who showcased masterful driving in the second race.

Steve Burgess Steals the Spotlight

Steve Burgess, driving the Tim Gray Motorsport Radical RXC, delivered a performance to remember. Despite a mechanical failure on the first lap of race one, Burgess made a dramatic comeback in the second race. Capitalizing on the absence of pitstop success penalties, he outmaneuvered Neary and executed a flawless defensive strategy to secure his first win of the season. Burgess’s ability to fend off the competition and claim victory marked a significant highlight of the weekend.

GTC Class: Topcats Racing Triumphs

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In the GTC class, Topcats Racing’s Fraser Fenwick and Warren Gilbert emerged as the weekend’s stars. They clinched victories in both races, with Fenwick displaying exceptional driving skills. Charlotte Gilbert and Tom Rawlings, combining their efforts, secured a pair of second places, propelling them to the top of the overall championship standings. Fenwick’s strategic overtaking and Gilbert’s consistency underscored Topcats Racing’s dominance in GTC.

GTH Class: Paddock Motorsport Makes Its Mark

The GTH class witnessed Paddock Motorsport’s Michael Orant and series debutant Thomas Holland steal the show. Driving their McLaren Artura, they claimed victory in both races, marking a significant achievement for the team. Holland’s impressive debut, coupled with Orant’s experience, highlighted Paddock Motorsport’s potential for future success in the championship.

Qualifying Drama Sets the Stage

Qualifying at Oulton Park was characterized by early morning rain showers, creating a challenging environment for drivers. Richard Neary, adept at navigating such conditions, quickly adapted and secured the overall and GTO pole position. Steve Burgess, returning to form in the Radical RXC, joined Neary on the front row, setting the stage for an exciting race day.

In the GTC class, Tom Rawlings continued to showcase his comfort behind the wheel, securing pole position in the #2 Topcats Racing Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo. Paddock Motorsport also impressed, claiming pole position in the GTH class, setting up a competitive lineup for the races.

Race One: A Display of Skill and Strategy

The first 40-minute race unfolded under dry conditions, with Neary and Loggie executing a flawless start, leading the field and securing their eighth overall win of the season. The Team Abba Mercedes GT3 had an untroubled run to the flag after their main challenger, the #99 Tim Gray Motorsport Radical RXC of Steve Burgess saw their races ended on the first lap with suspension damage.

Meanwhile, the GTC class witnessed a dramatic battle as Fraser Fenwick overtook Charlotte Gilbert to claim victory. Tom Rawlings, undeterred by a visit to the barrier at Druids which saw him deposit track furniture on the edge of the track, fought fiercely to secure second in class and third overall.

In the GTH class, Paddock Motorsport’s maiden win of the season was secured through an entertaining battle, marking a significant milestone for Thomas Holland and the team.

Race Two: Burgess’s Heroics and Topcats Racing’s Continued Success

The second race brought unexpected excitement as Steve Burgess, starting from the back of the grid, rapidly ascended to second place. His strategic driving during the pit window allowed him to leap ahead of Neary, maintaining a slender lead and ultimately securing his first win of the season. Burgess’s ability to defend his position against relentless pressure underscored his skill and determination.

In the GTC class, Fenwick and Gilbert continued their winning streak, securing another victory. Their strategic pit stop and consistent performance demonstrated their dominance in the class. Meanwhile, Michael Orant and Thomas Holland once again claimed GTH honors, highlighting their exceptional performance and solidifying their standing in the championship.


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