Phoenix Racing claimed third place in the Rowe 6 Stunden ADAC Ruhr-Pokal. The local team entered its usual drivers combination of ace Frank Stippler alongside up and coming youngster Vincent Kolb, who took his second podium in VLN. The young German has been making big strides since joining the Audi team in 2018.


“The race was fantastic,” Vincent Kolb said enthusiastically. “We had a very difficult start with the wet conditions, but Frank was driving and managed very well. He did a double stint and then I drove. I could keep the pace and our position, which at that moment was first and second. Frank got back in and put the car in front and at the end I drove and held it on P3 where we finished – fantastic!”

Despite a valiant effort by Stippler to beat the two Black Falcon Mercedes-AMG GT3s for the lead during the first hour, the Phoenix crew had to make do with the final step on the podium. Kolb believes there will be a next chance to beat the AMGs at the line.

“There is always a chance. Some days one team has more luck, some days the other. Maybe next time.”

Kolb joined Phoenix Racing in 2018 on the back of several seasons in historic race cars and driving in lower tier VLN classes alongside gentleman drivers. The move to Ernst Moser’s professional and world-class outfit has significantly improved his skills as a driver, he says.

“Definitely. I’ve been driving for Phoenix now for one year and it’s been a blast! Every race, every track day, every test day we do, I learn more and more. Frank Stippler is like my mentor. We do a lot of data analysing before and after the races and he’s very helpful in that way. That’s the point of it and hopefully we’ll end up in P1 at some point.”

Vincent Kolb


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