Two weeks ago, when Frikadelli Racing returned to its winning ways with its first victory in 3 years, Norbert Siedler was absent from the party. The long-time Frikadelli Racing pilot made his return last weekend to team up with Lance David Arnold in the red-white Porsche 991 GT3R for a domineering two-out-of-two for the resurging team led by Klaus Abbelen.

A stellar hotlap in the qualification session put Siedler solidly on pole position. No-one, not even Jonathan Hirschi with his sub-8 minutes lap, could come close to the 7:56.644 set by the Austrian.

Adding to Frikadelli Racing’s marvellous performance, the Porsche shook off the pursuing Wochenspiegel Team Monschau Ferraris with seeming ease over the course of the 4-hour Nordschleife race. Unfazed by a slightly different pitstop strategy chosen by the Ferrari team, Siedler and Arnold pushed forward to a commanding victory.

“It was ‘not too bad’, huh,” Norbert Siedler jokes.

“I made a gap in the opening laps. I pushed quite hard, but in the end I could just control it. We knew that the slower driver would jump in at the end. We only had to stay in the lead and that’s what we did.”

If VLN3 marked Frikadelli’s return to the front, this race solidified the Barweiler’s squad resurgence.

“We’ve worked hard on the setup and improved the tyres, and all the drivers are good—we must also mention that: Lance, Felipe and Alex are doing a great job. Sabine and Klaus were also quick and took P5, which is good for the whole team.

“We all know they already won some races 3 years ago, when I started with Frikadelli. Back then the car was really good and now we’re back on it. I think we have a car like we had back then—we can fight now.

“The car and the tyres are good, now we just want to have some more wins and podiums this season.”


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