With the race into its final two hours David Pittard is back in the leading #30 Frikadelli Ferrari being chased by Maxime Martin in the #30 Rowe Racing BMW. The #30 Ferrari 296 GT3 has emerged as a strong contender but at the three-quarter mark, seven cars were within striking distance of the leading team, Frikadelli with the possibility of setting a new distance record fueling their determination.


The #152 Czyborra / Huisman / Huisman / Moesgen team, driving a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, received a time penalty for exceeding the maximum driving distance within a stint. Despite this setback, they remained determined to push forward and make up for lost time.

Meanwhile, in the #30 Ferrari 296 GT3, David Pittard handed over the wheel to Earl Bamber during a pit stop. Pittard acknowledged the challenges of a 24-hour race, highlighting that the car evolves throughout the event. Nevertheless, he remained optimistic, praising his team’s efforts and emphasizing that there was still a long way to go.

Not all teams were as fortunate, though. The #25 Huber Motorsport Porsche 911 GT3 R, was forced to retire due to extensive damage sustained in an accident. It was a disappointing end to their race, but they could take pride in their performance up until that point.

The #533 Hyundai Motor I30N experienced a vehicle fire, and the team initially attempted to repair it. However, after consulting all the drivers, they decided against it due to concerns about possible consequential damage. It was a tough decision, but safety took precedence.

In the midst of the race, Jordan Love from the #6 Bilstein Mercedes-AMG GT3 described his stint as challenging due to the heavy traffic. Nevertheless, he expressed satisfaction with their progress and the team’s ability to navigate through the obstacles they encountered.


On the other hand, the #44 Falken Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3 R faced tyre damage on the rear left while driving through the Kesselchen area. They had to proceed cautiously, driving back slowly to mitigate the situation.

In the TCR category, the #830 Hyundai Elantra TCR, driven by Lauck / Basseng / Azcona, climbed up the ranks, securing 24th place overall. It was an impressive achievement for the best front-wheel drive team in the competition.

The race was not without its penalties and incidents. The #76 Toyota GR Supra GT4 EVO 2023 team, consisting of Brodmerkel / Schöll / Still / Hill, received a penalty for disobeying flag signals. Despite this setback, they maintained their determination to perform well.

Meanwhile, collisions and incidents occurred throughout the race. The #67 Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT4, driven by Nouet / Funke / Schädler / Weishar, collided with another vehicle, causing minor damage. Similarly, the #542 BMW 325i collided with the #120 Toyota Corolla Altis, but both cars were able to continue.

The endurance race tested the limits of both drivers and machines. Teams like the #245 BMW M240i Racing Cup, driven by Zerlin / Wambach / Kulpowicz / Fischer, faced challenges but remained motivated to finish the race. They acknowledged the impact of repairs on their overall performance but still believed that participating in the 24-hour race was a remarkable experience.

As the race approached its final hours, the battle for victory intensified. The #4 Bilstein Mercedes-AMG GT3, engaged in a brand-internal battle with the #2 Mercedes-AMG GT3 driven by Fabian Schiller. In a thrilling move, Stolz driving the #4, overtook Fabian Schiller by turning late into the GP loop hairpin and getting on the power earlier to secure third place by the time they had arrived at the Schumacher esses.

The #87 BMW M4 GT4, driven by Hancke, Schrey, Wolter, and Wüstenhagen, had a remarkable run. Michael Schrey, behind the wheel, navigated the track flawlessly, except for the last lap where multiple accidents caused chaos. Nevertheless, Schrey expressed his enjoyment of the race, relishing the opportunity to push the car to its limits.

On the other hand, the #76 Toyota GR Supra GT4 faced some challenges during the race. Hendrick Still, one of the drivers, revealed that they encountered problems in the early stages but managed to recover well. Despite a slight setback due to contact with another car, Still praised the fair and considerate behavior of fellow drivers on the track.

Penalties continued to be handed out during the race. The #76 Toyota GR Supra GT4 received a 32-second penalty for disregarding flag signals, while the #54 Porsche 911 GT3 R was fined for causing an avoidable collision. These penalties added a layer of tension and strategic thinking for the affected teams.

Meanwhile, other teams focused on maintaining their pace and managing challenges. Tobias Müller of the #123 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup expressed contentment with the car’s performance despite being slightly behind in the standings. They faced repair delays but remained determined to race against the clock and achieve their personal best.

However, not all teams had a smooth run. The #160 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup, driven by Fugel, Leib, Oestreich, and Leuchter, encountered a puncture that cost them valuable time. Despite the setback, they refused to give up, rallying for a comeback in the remaining hours of the race.

As the clock ticked down, the battle for top positions intensified. The #98 BMW M4 GT3 made an impressive climb from its starting position, but team boss Hans-Peter Naundorf acknowledged the challenge posed by competitors with higher performance. With four hours left, the #30 Ferrari, the #98 BMW, and the #4 Mercedes-AMG were leading the pack, fueling excitement among teams and spectators alike.

With three hours remaining, the tension reached its peak. The leaders continued their relentless pursuit of victory, making strategic pit stops and driver changes to maintain their positions. The #30 Ferrari still held the lead, followed closely by the #98 BMW and the #4 Mercedes-AMG.



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