In news that might come as a surprise to many, Silverstone has roared to the forefront as the ultimate ‘Insta-star’ among race tracks worldwide. Known primarily for its lightning-fast, hair-raising corners and adored by racers far and wide, the Northamptonshire circuit now reigns supreme in the realm of social media hashtags. It’s not alone at the peak, though, sharing the throne with none other than the legendary Nürburgring, which claims Instagram’s crown, while Silverstone clenches the TikTok title.

The research conducted by AVIS, a premium partner of the FIA World Endurance Championship, was able to pinpoint the race track that truly captures the hearts of racing aficionados. Their method? Analyzing hashtag data culled from a staggering 4 million Instagram posts and over 2 billion TikTok views.

Yet, third place, represented by Spa Francorchamps, languishes in the dust, amassing a mere 311,394 Instagram hashtags compared to Silverstone’s commanding 838,688 and the Nürburgring’s astonishing 1,093,754.

Now, for anyone who’s ever dared to capture Silverstone with a camera other than a smartphone, these results might raise an eyebrow or two. Silverstone, to many a photographer’s chagrin, can often resemble a vast expanse of lifeless concrete. Gazing through the persistent heat haze, even on the chilliest days, that seemingly perfect spot you’ve stumbled upon to immortalize the ultimate race car shot might just happen to feature an inconspicuous portable toilet lurking in the background.

And let’s not forget the spectacle of circuit traffic on the perimeter roads, turning your picture of a Le Mans prototype into an unwitting participant in a slapstick Top Gear-style race.

But despite all these quirks, Silverstone’s absence from the international racing calendar leaves a palpable void. Perhaps this confirmation of its status as a fan favourite will pave the way for its triumphant return to hosting top-tier international sportscar racing. As the image at the top of this page attests, Silverstone isn’t a complete photographic disaster – it promises rich rewards for those willing to put in the effort.

To see the full results of the research and what other circuits made it onto the list click HERE. 

Below is a small gallery of Silverstone, Nürburgring, and Spa images for you to decide which is the better track.


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