Anticipation was running high for the twenty-second edition of the Italian Gran Turismo championship. In the GT3 sprint class, 23 cars were poised to compete on the track, representing brands such as Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Honda, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin. All eyes are on Enzo Trulli, driving for the Easy Race team in a Ferrari 296 GT3. Enzo, the son of former F1 driver Jarno Trulli, carries the weight of expectations into the championship.

The championship kicked off at the Misano World Circuit, where favorable summer weather drew a good crowd with the track temperature peaks at 39°C.

Race 1 Saturday:
Mattia Michelotto and Gilles Stadsbader, driving the Lamborghini Huracan No. 66 for Scuderia Vincenzo Sospiri, clinch victory in race 1, marking the opening race of the Italian Gran Turismo Sprint Championship at the Misano World Circuit.

Despite initial challenges, the Vincenzo Sospiri Racing team dominates, with Michelotto setting a blistering pace early on. Stadsbader maintains control during his stint, securing a comfortable lead and ultimately the win. AF Corse’s Ferrari No. 88, piloted by Di Amato and Boguslavskiy, takes second place, with teammates Cazzaniga and Di Folco in the Lamborghini No. 19 claiming third, despite a 5-second penalty. Notable performances include Tresor Audi Sport Italia’s fourth-place finish and Biagi-Trulli’s impressive drive to twelfth place.

Race 2 Sunday:
The Ceccato Racing Team, represented by drivers Klingmann and Hesse in the BMW M4 GT3 No. 7, triumph in race 2. Following a disappointing race on Saturday, the BMW team bounces back with a stellar performance, securing victory with a strong showing from both drivers. Tresor Audi Sport Italia’s Delli Guanti and Mazzola claim second place, while Nurmi and Ferati in the Ferrari No. 52 finish third.

Notably, Michelotto and Stadsbader stage a remarkable comeback to fifth place, securing the lead in the overall standings. Despite early retirements for some teams, including Cola-Moncini in the Tresor Audi and Bartholomew-Denes in the Imperiale Racing, the weekend showcases thrilling racing action and unexpected performances, notably from the talented young driver, Enzo Trulli.

Report and Photos by Alessio Romanò


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